Sunday, 14 July 2013

Our Film "Cover Art"

Our cover art design is simple, creative and inspiring.  Check out our various images from concept to actual film.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Father's Day , stills and images

The Collabo Films (Byo) , Father's Day , movie stills and photos ..

Donna Ncube , on set "Father's Day"

We shot this short film[September] which will be later adapted to a full movie..

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Film Production in Bulawayo

By Lenni Mdawini Sibanda

Filmmaking is a painfull and joyful process.  The industry is very tough and expensive,  but the joy of watching ones production being enjoyed by the public,  cannot be explained.

As Collabo Films (Byo) we have shot short films, music videos and documentaries are in the process.  

There are challenges we have faced and are still facing but we are putting effort in solving them.

We have images from our productions ,here

Introducing Producer/Actress Thubelihle Moyo

She is part of the production team for Collabo Films (Byo) , her role is production, public relations, and acting.

She acquired her Film & Theatre education and experience, via a Bulawayo university.

Thuba is very experienced in film production having worked on all Collabo Films (Byo) productions.

Introducing Collabo Films Actresses : Donna M Ncube

Donna Ncube is a professional model and actress.  She has done numerous run way shows and is under AM Models in Bulawayo. Her appearences include Cof-fashion Fashion Show, various events..

Her acting career, is aligned to Collabo Films (Byo) ,as she has made appearances in all the productions and is highly regarded by the management.

Father's Day,  2012
Iqiniso,            2012

Donna Ncube

Get to know Collabo Films (Byo)

Collabo Films (Byo) has been busy these are our images.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Collabo Films Engine

We are a filmmaking company based in Bulawayo ...

"We tell our stories, our own way" 

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